How to Prepare Your Skin for the Spring

How to Prepare Your Skin for the Spring

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We’re finally at the point where winter’s end is on the horizon, and depending on where you are in the country, that may have significant ramifications on your skin. While certain regions are hardly affected by the winter months, they are the exception to the rule and most people experience a long stint of dry, flaky skin through this chilly season. The cold air creates dryness, but as spring is poised to hit in just a few weeks, your skin will be undergoing changes along with the weather outside.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait around for it to hit you like a truck. There are ways to prepare your skin for the spring! As educated experts who specialize in creating analysis machines for skin, hair, and scalp, we know a lot about skincare, and here are some tips we have for spring skin prep.

Prepare for the Worst

The first thing you can do is just mentally brace yourself for the changes in climate which will affect your skin. Seasonal changes can make your skin go from dry and itchy to sweaty and sticky real quick. This, inevitably, has certain ramifications. You may be in for a journey with red bumps, weird marks, and acne breakouts.

No one knows your skin better than you do, but even so, skin issues are better handled when someone is hoping for the best but expecting the worst. If you’re prepared to meet a skin crisis, you’ll likely handle it more tactfully than if it hit you by surprise.

Make a Habit of Exfoliating

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! This is rule number two if you’re prepping for spring. In winter, your skin tends to run drier, but once the weather changes, you’re going to start shedding that skin. By regularly exfoliating (we recommend at least three times a week), you’re essentially getting rid of all that dry skin residue by forcibly rinsing it away. By reducing dead skin buildup, it keeps your pores more open, preventing problems such as acne breakouts and bleak complexion.

Safeguard Against the Sun

You would think that, in the tens of thousands of years that humans have inhabited the planet, they would have evolved to not get absolutely roasted by our sun. But alas, here we are, and unpleasant as it is, simply being in direct sunlight can be enough to cause skin damage. The effect is amplified with prolonged exposure, bringing about the usual concerns of sunburn.

The problem that most people have is that they’re only concerned about the latter — people tend to only use sunblock lotion when they’re concerned about being burned. In reality, slathering yourself in 30+ SPF lotion on the regular does a tremendous job of keeping your skin healthy.

The spring brings about a lot of sun exposure, and simply being underneath UV rays is enough to cause subtle skin damage, even if you go the whole season without being burned. Constant sunscreen application will not only protect against damage, but it’ll also make you feel better and keep you looking younger!

Go In For a Skin Analysis Appointment

“Prep, exfoliate, protect” — these are three things that any average joe will tell you about skincare. All things considered, they’re all pretty practical and obvious pieces of skincare advice. What is far more uncommon, however, is hearing about skin analysis. In fact, many people haven’t even heard of this incredible service.

In a skin analysis appointment, a licensed beauty technician or skincare professional can use advanced technology to look at your skin on a near-microscopic level, allowing them to get a thorough visual rundown of all the subtleties and nuances that are happening in your skin. It allows them to get a very clear readout on what your skin layers are looking like, how your pores are doing, how much dead skin you have, and so on.

This knowledge, paired with their years of experience and research in their profession, allows them to make custom-tailored plans for you on how to tackle your biggest skincare demons. Skin analysis is great because instead of dubious advice that can be aimed at everyone, you’re getting actual solutions that are created for your unique situation.

Skin Analysis Machines

That’s where we come in. At Pro|Gen Probe, we specialize in creating quality skin and scalp analysis machines, which we sell to skincare professionals across the country. These devices have user-friendly interfaces that allow experts to share their findings with you. We know that if you go in for a skin analysis appointment using Pro|Gen Probe machines, you’ll walk out with incredible solutions that can benefit you greatly in both the short and long-term.

Interested in learning more about scalp, hair, and skin analysis machines? We invite you to check out our products. And, of course, if you’re a beauty professional, please contact us about ordering devices for your practice. We’re excited to make bold innovations in the world of hair and skincare!