Holiday Skin Struggles: How to Help Your Clients

Holiday Skin Struggles: How to Help Your Clients

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This time of year is hard on our skin for several reasons. First and foremost, winter weather effects skin through dropping temperatures and a lack of moisture in the air, which can send people running to their nearest dermatologist or med spa. On top of that, however, the holiday season is rife with other things that generally make skin struggles worse, not better. In order to better help your clients deal with their skin struggles this holiday season, it’s a good idea to know the common culprits. One of the biggest causes? Holiday parties, and the foods and drinks that come along with them.

Holiday Noshing and Skin Issues

The holiday season inevitably comes with an abundance of reasons to indulge. The office party, gatherings with family and friends, happy hours, and every other celebratory event generally leads to indulging a bit. And, there’s nothing wrong with that! The downside, however, is that those indulgences can have some lingering affects your clients may not anticipate. So, when clients ask you why their skin is extra-oily, suddenly breaking out more, or drier than normal, consider how holiday food and drink may be affecting them:

Fried, greasy foods

This is a big culprit for oily skin and breakouts. Those deep fried foods may taste delicious, but that increase in oil consumption often shows through the skin—especially facial skin and the scalp. Generally, the more oily foods one eats, the more it will affect the skin.


Who doesn’t love a celebratory drink during the holidays? We’re not necessarily saying you should tell your clients to skip that New Year’s Eve champagne, but it doesn’t hurt to warn your clients that those drinks may be hindering their skin’s healing. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which can lead to dry, cracking skin.

Sugary foods

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that sugar doesn’t do wonderful things for skin. Sugar, like alcohol, dehydrates the skin. In addition, it also inhibits the absorption of protein, so too much sugar can have a negative impact on hair growth as well.

Help Solve Holiday Skin Struggles

When your clients come in with concerns about skin issues that only recently started up, one excellent place to start is to ask whether their usual dietary routine has been altered by holiday parties or additional snacking. Of course, the effects that many people experience because of holiday food can also be caused by shifts in the weather. Help your staff get to the root of the problem by not only asking questions about any changes in routine, but getting an up-close look at their skin. Pro|Gen Probe’s specially developed skin analyzer machines provide instant magnification, sent to your computer or tablet via WiFi so you can easily see what is happening with a client’s skin. This way, you can not only get an up-close view of what’s happening, you can show your client exactly how their skin is being affected before providing a solution tailored to what the skin analyzer shows. Want to learn more about how our skin analyzers work? Contact the Pro|Gen Probe team today!