Are You Using The Best Hair & Skin Products On Your Clients, But Seeing No Results?

Are You Using The Best Hair & Skin Products On Your Clients, But Seeing No Results?

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Does this sound familiar? Do not lose hope yet… It is very common that you are happy with the products that you are using on your clients, and they seem to be working well for most but; of course, it is not working for everyone. How a product works for a person depends on many things: diet, environment, hormones, etc. Clients can have problems on their scalp like dryness, sensitivity, oiliness, or flakes; their hair can be too thin or they may be experiencing hair loss, their skin can be too oily, too dry, be sensitive, have acne, wrinkles or dark spots. Too many different issues that need different solutions.

Skin Analyzers & Hair Analyzers Of The Future

As dermatologists, cosmetologists, and hair stylists you can offer any products you think will help your clients, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work the same for everyone. While one client can have an oily scalp with sensitivity, another can have an oily scalp with flakes. Each client has different needs and it can be hard to see that directly on the surface. The skin is the largest organ we have and we still don’t take good enough care of it, we get products without realizing we do not know what’s exactly wrong with our client’s skin. So, you definitely want to offer not only the best products (no matter the price), but a long term solution for each client. What if you could provide a deep analysis that shows you the root of the problem for each of your clients?  What if their was a skin analyzer or a hair analyzer which analyzes and produces information quickly and easily??

Pro|Gen Probe

We make it easy for you. It is simple, our machines allow you and your clients to see real-time images, showing exactly what is going on with your scalp, hair or skin in the deepest level possible and allowing you to recommend the proper products based on a very detailed description of the scalp or hair status. As a result, you will have happy clients that will keep coming to you and recommending you to their friends. Click here to take a look at one of our videos