Benefits of Skin Analyzer Machines

Benefits of Skin Analyzer Machines

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With technologies advancing every day, it is no surprise that the medical field is getting in on the action. The health field has made leaps and bounds when it comes to treating and diagnosing different ailments throughout the body. With it already being close to 2017, we will only be able to increase our knowledge and better ourselves when it comes to our patient care. One way we can help our patients is by utilizing our skin analyzer machines.

Many don’t understand or even know what a skin analyzer might do. This device is the future for ultimate skincare. Our skin analyzers will help you detect many different skin conditions by magnifying the patient's skin, photographing and taking live video, and being able to download the images to a stationary device, so you will be able to really sit down and see all the different parts and pathways of your patient's skin. The ability to break down each layer of skin and pinpoint the issue using this skin analyzer machine is new to the medical world and can be nothing but praised.

We wanted to give you more benefits about why our skin analyzer machines are the ones for your clinic, spa, or office.


One major benefit and advancement of this skin analyzer machine is that it is handheld and wireless. This means you can move about the room, and around your patient, to get the correct angles for the imaging easily. Being portable makes this a great device for on-the-go appointments and to have handy at any moment when you may be on-call. Being free from wires and wall jacks gives you the ability to roam around the room with the device and keep the patient as your main focus at all times.

Seeing is Believing

Many people, unfortunately, don’t believe a condition is serious unless they can get a physical sense for it. For example, if you were to tell your patient that they may have a dry skin condition and they need to be conscious of moisturizing, they may take your advice, or they may go about their usual routine because the skin appears fine and they feel they don’t need to take your expert advice. However, if you have a skin analyzer machine, you will be able to break down each layer of skin on your patient and show them where their skin issues lie. You also will be able to show them digital images of their actual skin. With the five megapixel camera, you will take clear and concise images and video at up to 1000x magnification. They will get an in-depth look at their dry, oily, or cracked skin. This helps your patients see they need to follow your instructions, and that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to skincare.

Knowing More than Ever Before

With this new superior skin analyzer machine, the future is now. Skin analyzers give us the ability to diagnose more clearly and with more certainty. Not only this but also we will be able to come up with beneficial treatment plans that will target the issues that lie deep within the skin. To stay a step ahead when it comes to quality skincare for your patients and clients, a skin analyzer is your answer. Keep your patients informed by giving them amazing and crisp images and videos of their actual skin, and keep yourself ahead by using the latest technologies. Learn more about the incredible skin analyzer machine, hair analyzer, and why they will benefit your practice, office, or spa.  Get yours today!