Common Hair Mishaps That Need Hair Analysis: Part 1

Common Hair Mishaps That Need Hair Analysis: Part 1

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No matter who you are, what you do, or where you are going, if you are having a bad hair day, it affects everything about your mood. Sometimes, your hair needs to complete your look and if it's not cooperating, then you have some real issues. Your hair giving you such a hard time could be due to the way you slept on it, or it can be a more concerning issue.

At Pro|Gen Probe, we don’t want you to have bad hair days. With our hair analyzers, your hairstylist will be able to detect what's been plaguing you, whether it be an insufficient amount of keratin present, a lack of melanin within your hair's cortex, or a lack of protection from your cuticle. Our hair analyzers have amazing cameras to magnify and take a video of your hair so you can view and be informed on everything there is to know.

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Common Hair Conditions

Case of the Greys

Grey hair is usually a fact of life. For most, after a certain age, the greys start to appear and you may decide to embrace it or cover it up like it never happened. However, some people in their 20’s are even experiencing the grey hues when it comes to their locks. While medical professionals have not exactly pinpointed the underlying cause of prematurely going white or grey, we know it is from lack of melanin within the cortex layer of your hair.

With that said, going grey can be contributed from many things such as not eating right, stress, hormonal imbalance, anemia, hypothyroidism, and genetics. More causes are our own doing, such as using hairdryers and extremely concentrated hair dyes. To prevent yourself from going grey there are some tips to follow. Also, see someone with our hair analysis tool to assess your hair and figure out a helpful treatment plan.

1. Change up your lifestyle by trying to be less stressed out. We know this is easier said than done but attempting breathing techniques or meditation can go a long way when it comes to grey hair.

2. Stop Smoking. Smoking destroys all parts of your body, including your hair.

3. Improve your circulation. If you sit at a desk all day, or are not super active try and do some regular activity to keep your blood flowing.

Where's the Volume?

Even if you've teased your hair to your heart’s content, you may still not be getting the volume you desire. This might not just be due to your teasing skills. There are plenty of problems that can lead to your hair falling flat. If you have thyroid problems, low iron, wacky hormones, or your nutrition isn't up to par, this can be one of the causes of the lifeless locks. Believe it or not, it can also be caused by using the wrong cleaning products for your hair. When your stylist is able to give you a hair analysis, they can help you pick out the best products so your hair is bouncy and full of life.

Brittle Hair is Breaking Hearts

Many people assume dry and brittle hair is just what they have to deal with. They accept it and move on. This is not normal and you need to get it taken care of right away. Dry and brittle hair is the cause of your hair not getting enough moisture, which could mean there is an issue within your hair shaft. This also can be a problem lying within the gland that produces oil which is located near the hair follicle. The reason this occurs could be due to too much sun, wind, and dry air exposure. The elements take a toll on your hair. Furthermore, over processing your hair by using hot styling tools or harsh chemicals, which you find in perming, can take a toll as well. People often think they can just wash their hair as often as possible and this will keep it hydrated, but this is actually doing the opposite for your hair and drying it out even more.
With a hair analysis, your stylist will be able to point out how dry your hair is and be able to push you in the right direction for amazing products and treatments that will get your hair back on track.

Your Hair Wants to Split

Split ends are basically the bane of our existence. They are unsightly, and we tend to get furious when they pop up out of nowhere. Your hair is splitting because the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle, is being damaged little by little. Imagine a banana being slowly peeled; that is what is happening to the cells protecting your beautiful hair. Your cuticle is losing strength because of the harsh treatments and products you use, such as hair dye and flat irons. With hair analysis, your stylist can see the damage up close and personal. They may suggest leave-in conditioners, and to get your hair trimmed every 2 months.

With hair analysis from Pro|Gen Probe, you will be able to view what your hair needs by seeing detailed and magnified images and video! This is a technological advancement any stylist needs for their salon. Learn more about our machines that provide hair analysis and our skin analyzers. Keep checking back for more common hair mishaps!