Common Hair Mishaps That Need Hair Analysis: Part 2

Common Hair Mishaps That Need Hair Analysis: Part 2

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If you have been keeping up with our blog posts, we have been discussing the most common conditions your hair could face, such as being too dry, going grey, or not standing up to par volume-wise. Your hair is something you want to preserve and take care of because eventually, according to genes and science, you may start to lose it. Hopefully, this never occurs for you, because with hair analysis tools your stylist can tell you exactly what your hair may need.

Pro|Gen Probe developed this amazing hair analyzer that can magnify and photograph your hair. This allows professionals to dive deeper into why your hair behaves the way it does. Hair analysis is changing the industry, one strand at a time. Check out some common conditions your hair might be going through.

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Stop Being Flaky

Because people aren’t informed correctly, they believe that any flakes they see on clothes, their shoulders, or the areas surrounding them are dreaded dandruff. While some may in fact be dandruff, you can have another underlying issue with your scalp. Your scalp can flake due to being too dry from cold weather, the build-up of products, your diet, and hard water. Exponentially, lack of moisture within the hair shaft is what leads to our scalp to be flaky. Your stylist, with hair analysis, will be able to detect if you are suffering from a dry scalp or dandruff. Once they figure out what has been plaguing you, they can give you an alternative to using when you wash your hair to help with the dryness.

Welp, This Just Got Dull

When you see someone with glorious shiny and lustrous hair, like on the shampoo commercials, you may just be slightly envious. Beautiful and shiny hair is what we all after, it makes us appear happier, healthier, and always a bonus; younger. Dull hair looks limp and lifeless compared to the alternative. Dull hair is due to the damage of the cuticle which can be anything from chemicals to styling, back to damage with heating tools, and the environment. With hair analysis, your hairstylist will be able to see how damaged the cuticle is and give accurate and sound advice on how to save your locks

We Aren’t Trying to be Miss Frizzle

While we may have loved this childhood hero back in the ’90s, we don’t want her outrageous and frizzy hair on our own heads. Frizzy is caused by you guessed it; lack of hydration. This means your cuticle isn’t keeping moisture in, which is a concern. Your hair should always be at a constant moisture level and if it drops below, this will equal that frizzy look you were never going for.

The cuticle should be protected and kept hydrated with the oils produced by the sebum gland. If the moisture in your hair dissipates this causes the hair to become dry, damaged, and ultimately frizzy. When your hairdresser performs a hair analysis, they will be able to see the cuticle damage and determine the best course of action to tame your frizzy mane. One thing they may point out is to start using silicone-based products that contain dimethicone, which can help combat the frizziness your hair possesses.

Be Careful When You Go For a Dip

One of the best pastimes of summer is taking a dip in a big blue pool. Swimming keeps you active, in shape, and is just a fun activity for anyone to participate in, except that is, your hair. Hair and chlorine are not friends and there are few reasons why. First, you must understand that chlorine is added to the water to protect you from bacteria and organisms within the water. Chlorine is present to kill germs that are harmful to your body but is killing your hair in the process.

Chlorine creates a chemical reaction whenever it comes in contact with something organic. Believe it or not, no matter how much you’ve processed your hair, it is still organic and the chlorine begins to damage your hair. This is where the cuticle for your hair comes in handy. It is there for protection, however, chlorine has a sneaky way of drying out your hair by draining the sebum out of it, which causes the cuticle to break. This can make your hair appear in rough shape and cause it to become dry and damaged. You can potentially prevent this damage by using a leave-in conditioner, rinsing your hair with tap water before taking a dip, or using a swim cap. You can enjoy the pool and hot tubs, just use protection.

As you can see, there is a lot that can go on with your hair, and with hair analysis, you will never have to guess how to take care of it. Learn more about our amazing skin and hair analyzers and always check back our blog for fun facts about skin and hair care!