Common Mistakes We All Make While Cleansing Our Face

Common Mistakes We All Make While Cleansing Our Face

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Washing your face is pretty easy, right? Splash some water, use your favorite cleanser and that’s it! Well… this can be the cause of breakouts, irritation or dryness if you are making any of these mistakes:

Pro Tip 1:

Not washing hands first: Think about it… How many surfaces do we touch around the day; accumulating dirt, oil, and germs? You do not want that on your face! So don’t forget to wash them before touching your skin.

Pro Tip 2:

Not fully removing makeup: Makeup has tons of chemicals, oils and other ingredients that clog your pores. It doesn’t dissolve by washing it, so make sure you remove any residue before cleansing.

Pro Tip 3:

Using the wrong cleanser: If you do not know exactly what skin problem you have, don’t put any product you find at the drugstore. Visit a dermatologist and get the right product recommendation for your skin type.

Pro Tip 4:

Water is too hot: It will actually give you breakouts. Washing your face in hot water can irritate your skin, messing with its natural oils, can cause dryness or oil excess that will lead to breakouts. Don’t bust your capillaries! Use warm water.

Pro Tip 5:

Stop exfoliating too much! This will break blood vessels in your skin, causing irritation and redness. The safest way is to exfoliate once or twice a week tops, to keep that fresh, glowing look.

Pro Tip 6:

Don’t rub to dry: Skin is delicate, rubbing a towel on your skin will over dry it, irritate it and can lead to wrinkles. So pat, don’t rub.

Pro Tip 7:

Not moisturizing enough: Lock in the moisture you got from washing. It will hydrate your skin, avoiding wrinkles.

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