Hair Analyzers and Hair Density Explained

Hair Analyzers and Hair Density Explained

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To some of us, our hair is sacred. We take care of it by using the best products on the market, following tips from our friends on brushing techniques, masks to help shine, and going to professionals for coloring and haircuts. Others, may not do much to their hair at all. Either way, you choose to care for it, your hair can actually speak volumes to your health. Some of us who lose hair may not understand why or see hair falling out at a constant rate and become concerned.

If you are someone who cares deeply about the status of their hair, or you are curious to know what is inhabiting that scalp of yours, going to hair a salon with hair analyzers are the best option for you to get all the answers you deserve.

At Pro|Gen Probe, we think more education is better, and knowing the ins and outs of your hair can help detect scalp issues and other conditions sooner rather than later. These hair analyzers can give you the information you need and the information you never thought you needed to know.

First, let's start with a breakdown of your hair. The first category we are going to go over is the density of your hair.

What is Density

While many people confuse density with texture, density is entirely different. Density refers to the strands of individual hair and how close together they are on your scalp. Not only how close together they are in proximity but also how many individual strands are coming from your scalp.

There are ways to figure out the density of your hair. This is helpful to find the right products and solutions for your hair, so you continually have high volume and keep it looking flawless. The average person has about 2,000 strands of hair per square inch of the scalp. No matter what your scalp size is, that is a lot of hair.

Density is broken up into three categories: Low, medium, and high. If you can see your scalp while your hair is laying naturally upon your head, that means you have a low density. If you can see your scalp just a bit, but it's not very prominent, then you have medium density. Finally, if you have enough hair where you can’t see your scalp at all, you have high-density hair. Another way to determine the density within your hair is to count each strand within a square inch patch; not only is this time consuming (to say the least), it’s almost impossible. Skip these steps and use a hair analyzer that can determine at excessive speeds what your hair density is.

Knowing the density of hair will help you when choosing the products for your hair. If you have a low density, you want to pick products that aren’t going to weigh down your hair. Your hair is possibly thin already, so the last thing you want is to take away from volume. You may even want to implore volumizing products into your routine.

When you have medium density, you have the best pick of the lot. Your hair is flexible enough to use any products you like. Use heavier products like creams and mousse to enhance volume. The beauty of your hair is usually, you have the type that you can wash real quick and be ready for the day, with no products.

If you have high-density hair, gels, creams, and butters are going to be best to tame all those stands. Your main issue is you may have too much volume. Getting a haircut with multiple layers will help keep your mane tamed.

Knowing your hair's density will not only help with your product choices, but it will also help you make more informed decisions when you go to change up your hairstyle. When you go to a hairstylist who posses one of our amazing hair analyzers, they will be able to tell you your hair's density right away, and continually help you make the best decisions for your hair type. They can assist you in staying away from haircuts that may make your hair appear huge, when you already have a ton of it, or help you play up your volume if you do have a low density.

Next time you need to get your hair done, go to a professional who has a hair analyzer from Pro|Gen Probe. Our hair analyzers are state-of-the-art and can show you the things you have been missing about your hair. Not only are we able to see the density of your hair, but we also can determine hair loss, thickness, keratin amount, hair pore status, and cuticle status. Check back our blog for more information about your hair and why a hair analyzer is beneficial to you.