Hair Loss: Top Causes Your Clients May Be Facing

Hair Loss: Top Causes Your Clients May Be Facing

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It’s natural to see a few dozen strands of hair clump in the hair catcher after a shower—something we all have to remind clients on occasion. When it becomes massive clumps falling out at once, however, that’s a much bigger cause for concern. The underlying cause could be anything from male pattern baldness to stress to a dietary issue. In order to help your clients get to the bottom of their hair loss woes, you will first need a diagnosis in order to determine the best course of treatment. And, if you don’t have a way to perform hair analysis, that diagnosis may be about as helpful as taking a shot in the dark. If you’ve noticed an uptick in the number of clients concerned about hair loss coming to your salon or clinic, start with the easiest answer and invest in a great hair analyzer to get to the root of the problem—pun absolutely intended. Here are a few of the most common hair loss causes and why that hair analyzer can make all the difference:


The human body reacts to stress, both physical and emotional, in a variety of unseen ways. Maybe your shoulders get tight after a particularly rough day, or you lose weight. Well, when your body is under too much physical stress, whether from an injury or illness, your body may decide to shed more hair at a more frequent pace. If this is the cause, the only thing to help is to heal and give the hair time to grow back.

Too Many Vitamins/Diet

Specifically, too much vitamin A can actually cause hair loss if the body takes in too much of the vitamin on a regular basis. While we’re at it, pay attention to diet. Too little protein can also cause hair to thin and stop growing in order to conserve what protein it gets. Of course, adding more protein to the diet can help stop the hair loss and time will allow it to grow back.


Iron deficiency is pretty prevalent, especially among women, and can lead to anemia. Nearly one in ten women suffers from an iron deficiency, which can cause fatigue, dizziness, cold hands and feet, and—you guessed it—hair loss. Adding more iron to the diet may be all that’s needed to correct the issue.


No, we don’t mean using too many products at once, but rather, a consistent strain on your hair. This can be from too-tight braids, chemical relaxers, and high heat. If stress to your hair and scalp are the cause, you may need to promote nutrient-rich products to help the follicles heal.

Helping Your Clients Heal

The treatment needed to heal hair loss will depend greatly on the reason behind the loss. In order to better determine what’s going on with your client’s hair, a Pro|Gen Probe hair analyzer can help you get a clear (and highly magnified) picture. Shop our skin and hair analyzer options online or contact our team to learn more!