How a Hair Camera Can Help Your Business Grow

How a Hair Camera Can Help Your Business Grow

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Every small business owner is looking for ways to help their businesses grow. When you are a medical spa or salon, though, the issues with growth are directly tied to how well you can compete with other similar services offered in your area. Your business needs to stand out from the rest by offering your clients a reason to visit your location time and time again. So how do you do this? What is your salon or med spa offering that other businesses aren’t? If you’ve been searching for something that will help you grow your business and set it apart from others in the area, it’s time to find some answers. Pro|Gen Probe has been working with businesses like yours across the United States and during this time we’ve learned a lot. Here are some of the things we’re seeing successful spas and salons do that are helping their business boom.

What Successful Spas and Salons Are Doing to Help Their Business Grow

Offering the latest technology.

Med spas and salons need to be utilizing the latest technology if they want to bring in more customers. Today’s clients know that while the topical creams, lotions, and gels that you offer have their own benefits, they can get better long-term results from technological advancements in beauty treatments. Advancements like lasers, hair cameras, and non-invasive liposuction are all examples of technology that’s not only effective for treating your clients but great for your bottom line. While these procedures will require you to make an initial investment in the equipment and training, the long-term return on your investment can be terrific.

Providing services other businesses are not.

You don’t have to provide every service possible, but you do need to provide a comprehensive menu of treatments along with some unique extras that set your business apart. It’s these extras that can help bring in more new clients who might have otherwise chosen a different salon or spa to visit. Consider offering unique services such as hair and scalp analysis. Using a hair camera, you can pinpoint issues and more accurately diagnose issues in order to create an effective treatment program. It’s a service that not every salon or spa will offer, but one that will build a lot of loyalty with your clientele.

Giving unparalleled customer service.

Finally, there is no substitute for great customer service. If potential clients have great interactions with you and your team from the first time that they visit or call you, they are going to be much more likely to come back. Customer service is the kingmaker when it comes to business; poor customer service will drive away clients quicker than anything else, and great customer service will result in loyalty and clients who are passionate about sharing your services with others. Make customer service a priority by coaching your team to go above and beyond when it comes to every customer interaction both in person and over the phone.

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