How Hair & Skin Analysis Machines Give You Credibility

How Hair & Skin Analysis Machines Give You Credibility

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If you run your own hair, skin, or beauty salon, you’ll know that it’s a competitive market. There are all kinds of people offering the same services as you to a variety of people, and that’s why it pays to always be searching for unique experiences and offerings that you can provide to your clients. One way you can get an edge over your competitors is by investing in hair and skin analysis machines!

The skin and hair analysis machines we sell at Pro|Gen Probe can analyze skin layers and hair strands on a microscopic level, giving you incredible insights about the health thereof. It will allow you to recommend customized solutions to your clients since you’re able to see, very clearly, all the tiniest details about their skin and hair health. When these solutions end up working for them, you’ll end up with returning customers!

Here are a few reasons why skin and hair analysis machines can add credibility to your salon:

It’s a Visual Representation of Your Expertise

It can sometimes be hard working with professionals in certain fields because it’s hard to visibly measure how adept they are at their craft. This is especially true in medical fields — when doctors diagnose your symptoms, you just kind of have to assume that they’re speaking from a place of expertise. They have, after all, gone to college for countless years, so they can be trusted, right?

This is the mentality most people have with skin and hair care. You’re the expert, so they trust you. The great thing with skin analysis machines, however, is that it’s a clear and obvious way for the client to “see” your knowledge in action.

Pro|Gen Probe skin and hair analysis devices display a visualization of your clients’ skin or hair at a near microscopic level, and you can break down the info for them. But to the customer, it may as well be Egyptian hieroglyphics — they won’t know how to interpret the data in front of them. But with you at their side being able to do so with ease, it’s a clear and effective demonstration of your knowledge and experience.

It’s Not Guesswork

One of the jobs of medical professionals, whether it’s cosmetic technicians or actual doctors, is to assess the physical needs of their clients (or patients) and diagnose the best solution according to their needs. The tricky part, of course, is when there are no obvious giveaways of their condition — resulting in a situation where you’re providing solutions based on educated guesswork.

This is, of course, the job of a beauty salon technician, and you have trained to do it. But it’s always more comforting to people when they can know for sure that there’s something identifiable in their skin or hair that necessitates a specific solution. It’s peace of mind, if you will.

With skin analysis machines, the guesswork is removed from the equation. You’re able to show clients a very specific readout of their skin and hair health, where problem areas can quite literally be shown and identified on a screen. Diagnosing the problem is usually where the guesswork is — solutions are more set in stone. Customers love the feeling of knowing that there’s no doubt or uncertainty in the solutions offered to them by their skin and hair experts.

Professionals Have Fancy Tools

There’s not a lot of depth to this point — just the simple fact that owning complex technology can be a good sign of authority and credibility in any given field.

Humans are nothing without their tools, and even though every job requires its own fair share of knowledge, resources, talent, and experience, tools will always be an important element that separates professionals from amateurs. Doctors, despite their exhaustive education, are aided by countless machines. Home repair companies tote around the finest tools and supplies, and artists have a very specific selection of brushes, paints, and gadgets that play to their strengths.

Why should it be any different in the beauty industry?

Skin and hair analysis devices aren’t really items that the average joe carries around. You won’t find them lying about in your friends’ bathrooms. These are professional devices, designed for experts who have the knowledge and education to use them to their maximum potential. In other words, simply owning Pro|Gen Probe devices can cause customers to see you in a more authoritative light!

Hair and Skin Analysis Machines

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