Marketing Your Skin Analysis Services to Get More Business

Marketing Your Skin Analysis Services to Get More Business

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Hair and skin analysis technology can be an incredible tool, and a great help to any professional that serves clients in these needs, which is why we make it our goal at Pro|Gen Probe to equip as many professionals as possible with the best skin analysis technology on the market. However, one problem that people can potentially run into after buying our products is a lack of awareness about this newly acquired technology that can be miraculous for skin and scalp health.

That’s why it’s not just enough to own the products that can perform incredible skin and scalp analysis — you have to get the word out and make people aware that this is a service you offer. We have found that countless people are excited and eager to invest in skin, scalp, and hair analysis, but there are still a tremendous amount of clients who might not even know that the service exists, or what it entails.

Looking for ways to get your skin, hair, and scalp analysis services on the table after you’ve acquired some amazing analyzer machines? Consider doing these things:

Advertise the Visual Aspects

At Pro|Gen Probe, all of our products have an extremely important and effective visual component — our API machines pair up with computers and smart devices using software you can download and install, and our ASNII and APM machines have screens of their own, allowing you to show your clients the analysis results without them having to turn their heads up.

The Power of Visual Representations of Data

Matters such as skin and health care can become lost on clients once you start to dive into medical jargon. This, unfortunately, is a necessary evil because it’s essential that the client knows the relevant information for their circumstances.

However, one way to soften the blow is to show visual representations of the data you’re trying to explain. We’re talking about graphs, charts, and a well-designed interface that simply and cleanly displays relevant information. It is far easier for clients to understand what you’re telling them when they have something to look at, so you should go all-out with this!

When it comes to your marketing efforts, it’s not a bad idea to include a picture of the charts and graphs you’re able to produce. This, coupled with a message that they can receive a comprehensive, yet an easy-to-understand breakdown of their skin and scalp health, can do wonders in enticing customers to try out your new service.

Let Them Know It Will Help Them Learn

Our incredible software is one of the things that sets our products apart — the interface is specifically designed to be not only intuitive for salon owners and skin professionals, but also to their clients, who need to be taught complex information in a way that’s simplistic and understandable.

The great thing about effective visualizations is that they are valuable teaching tools for you. Our software helps professionals to easily explain what’s going on in the data. When clients go in with an understanding that there are tools in place that will paint a comprehensive, easy-to-understand picture of their skin and scalp needs, they’re more likely to try the service out for themselves.

Use Social Media

This is really something you should be doing with anything that’s related to marketing, but nonetheless, social media is a great place to show the world that you have awesome hair and skin analyzer machines! One thing that’s valuable with social media is that it allows you to easily capitalize on the visual aspect noted above, since social media posts are usually accompanied by pictures and videos.

By getting onto social media, you can effectively highlight the strengths of skin analysis. You can show videos of our tools in action, highlighting the benefits in an easily comprehensible way to potential clients.

Social media is also a good location to advertise new services, period. If skin and scalp analysis is indeed a new service, you should be announcing it to the world everywhere!

Let Your Clients Know Personally

Another great way to get hair and skin analysis on the map is to ensure that each visiting client knows about it. Whether you’re in a salon, a clinic, or any other kind of professional setting, you’re likely already doing a lot of work that pertains to hair and skin. So, why not take the opportunity to mention analysis services? If you really want to sell them on it, you could even let them get a look at the skin analyzer machines you use or examples of graphs that could help them to understand just how comprehensive analysis could be a benefit to them.

There is always something to be gained from taking a look at your skin and scalp on the microscopic level. The more clients that understand this is an option, the more that will take the plunge!

Keep Track of Success Stories

One of the biggest benefits of hair, skin, and scalp analysis is that, by understanding what’s happening at a microscopic level, we’re able to more accurately deduce what your exact needs are. There are some things the human eye just can’t see, and that’s why it’s so useful being able to take a closer look with advanced technology.

It’s inevitable that, if you practice analysis services for long enough, you’re going to run into success stories — people who had problems that were finally able to find the right treatment due to the information gained from skin and hair analyzing machines.

This is important information that you should use to build interest! Of course, you have to respect your clients’ feelings on discretion. If they’re okay with their story being told, it can be a good motivator for other people to see that the method really does work.

Offer Discounts and Promos

Has there ever been any person, ever, who doesn’t enjoy getting free stuff? If so, we’d like to meet them. While it’s unlikely that you would just give away scalp and skin analysis sessions for free, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create certain deals and promos where they’re discounted!

People love feeling like they’ve saved money, and if you’re having a hard time getting clients to bite onto skin and hair analysis, maybe all you need to do is to make it clear that you’re offering a special deal.

We know that most people who take part in scalp and skin analysis usually turn into returning customers. We have the utmost faith in our products that they do an excellent job at what they’re made to do, and client feedback is consistently positive. So, maybe the only thing clients need is help to get their foot in the door. Discounts can be very effective!


Skin, Hair, and Scalp Analysis Machines

The first thing that you should do with your skin and scalp analyzation services is to ensure that you have the right equipment. At Pro|Gen Probe, that’s exactly what we specialize in. We have a variety of different machines that are easy to use, comprehensive in their data, and completely wireless.

As a professional in skin, scalp, and hair care, it’s understandable that you want to find the best ways to help your clients. We can assure you that analyzer machines will go a long way into helping them find solutions to their needs. Ready to get started? Browse our online selection today, and contact us if you have any questions!