Skin Analysis Myths Your Clients Need to Know

Skin Analysis Myths Your Clients Need to Know

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When it comes to skin analysis, there are many misconceptions that float around. After all, skin analysis services are still somewhat unknown to a great many people, and because of that, there are certain falsehoods and misunderstandings that are perpetuated. There are certain facts you need to know about skin analysis services. Given that we specialize in creating high-quality skin analysis machines, we would like to help dispel some of these myths.

This is particularly important for salon owners or dermatologists. While you might be well aware of these myths, your customers aren’t, and it’s helpful to have an awareness of their misunderstandings so you can educate them and provide them with the treatments they truly need to fix their hair, scalp, and skin problems.

Whether you’re reading for yourself, or for the sake of your clients that need some educating, here are some things you need to know about skin analysis procedures and the machines that accompany them.

Myth: Skin Analysis Is a Gimmick

There are many savvy customers these days that are always on the lookout for services that are gimmicky and unnecessary. Sick of being advertised to all the time, being sold superfluous services that are nothing more than cash grabs, a good amount of people are quick to distrust any kind of procedure that doesn’t fall within their traditional expectations. This kind of mindset, unfortunately, turns off a lot of clients to the idea of skin analysis. Because it’s a procedure they’re not familiar with, using funny tools, they might write it off as a cash grab.

In the event that you run into these kinds of clients, it’s important that they understand just what a skin analysis procedure entails. In fact, all kinds of significant skin information can be revealed that would be impossible to ascertain without the help of skin analyzer machines, such as the ones we sell at Pro|Gen Probe.

Skin analyzers can look at your skin at a microscopic level, which tells us a lot more than we can see with our own eyes. Lipid levels, epidermal hydration, melanin density, and erythema can all be examined with skin analyzer machines and will be telling in what kind of treatment your clients need.

Myth: The Same Treatments Work For Everyone

Another misconception about skin is that the good old fashioned tried and true methods are a cure-all panacea for any problems that are skin related. Some people swear by the same lotions, soaps, creams, or whatever other treatment they have, claiming that anything more complex is redundant and unnecessary.

What these armchair doctors don’t understand is that there is a multitude of different kinds of skin problems, and the majority of them are caused by factors that are exclusive to the patient’s skin type.

Given that you’re a professional in the skin care industry, we don’t need to tell you how different skin is across different people — some skin is soft and sensitive. Some is coarse and hardy. There are different skin tones that react to sun exposure in varied ways, and everyone’s skin has hydration levels and oils that differ across the board. You know this, but your clients might not, and it defeats their argument that universal applications can treat the majority of skin problems.

It’s like being sick. Both the common cold and strep throat share a common symptom — a sore throat. However, treatment will be much different when you have an understanding which condition you have. It’s the same with skin. Customers should know that getting an in-depth analysis of their skin at a microscopic level can be a major boon to their skin health because it allows you to seek specific treatments that target their needs, instead of resorting to a broad and ambiguous solution.

Myth: Professionals in Skincare Are Unnecessary

Another unfortunate paradigm that a lot of people subscribe to is the idea that skincare isn’t as “advanced” as other forms of physical well-being, and they often resort to sources that aren’t authoritative to diagnose their problems. This can range from unsourced video bloggers to skin product vendors who just want to make a quick buck. In reality, skincare is an incredibly diverse and endlessly deep field where new discoveries are being made every day.

And that’s why it’s important to get treatment from someone who is experienced in the field, such as yourself. You might be a dermatologist or a professionally educated salon owner. But either way, you’ve done your research on skin, and you know what the specific needs are.

Skin analysis services add a lot of legitimacy to skincare being in a league of its own. By examining your skin on a microscopic level, it’s able to show to patients just how many factors there are that determine skin health. This is one reason why we recommend our skin analyzer machines to skincare professionals — our software displays the results of the skin analysis in a way that’s easy for the patient to understand. They will be able to look at charts, graphs, and pictures that clearly demonstrate what’s going on with their epidermal layer.

Myth: My Skin Doesn’t Need Treatment Because It Looks and Feels Fine

Another unfortunate misconception that people seem to follow is the idea that they don’t need skin treatment because there’s nothing wrong with their skin on the surface. The mentality is that their skin is just fine and dandy so long as there are no blemishes. In reality, there is a lot going on with your skin at all times, and much of this can only be revealed by skin analyzer machines that examine your skin at a microscopic layer.

For example, if you simply look at your skin and touch it, you’ll have no idea what your epidermal hydration layers are — the water in your dermal reservoirs that is indicative of enzymatic activity that’s required to maintain a protective layer. This ties into your lipid levels, which are at the forefront of your skin’s defense against the elements. Microscopes can also determine melanogenesis levels, measure vascular matting, and see any dermal structures that are breaking down, all of which speak to the treatment you might need to add longevity to your skin’s good health. These are impossible to diagnose with your hands and eyes!

Of course, customers who don’t think they need skin treatment probably aren’t coming to you for skin services. But, if they’re in your medical clinic or salon for other reasons, you might be able to find opportunities to educate them on the idea that they could benefit from skin analysis.

High-Quality Skin Analyzer Machines

We don’t need to tell you that our team at Pro|Gen Probe believes in the power of skin analysis. We’ve devoted our lives to creating unparalleled technology that analyzes the skin and provides thorough, easy-to-understand results for both the skin professional and their clients.

We offer a variety of useful products, all wireless and extremely easy to use. The PDP 100 pairs up with your computer or smart device, allowing you to display results on a screen or monitor, while the ASNII 100 and APM 100 models have built-in screens, allowing you to show your client right then and there what is happening with their skin.

Do you want to equip your team with the best skin analyzer machines? Take a look at our online store, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!