Summer Hair Care – Is Your Salon Prepared?

Summer Hair Care – Is Your Salon Prepared?

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When we talk about summer hair care concerns, we don’t necessarily mean the number of people who rush to chop off all their hair as soon as the temperatures hit the eighties—and instantly regret their hasty decisions. No, at Pro|Gen Probe, we’re more concerned with what hair and scalp are trying to say about deeper issues than style. Summer can be a hard season on hair, and your clients will be coming to you for solutions. Are you prepared to offer the best solutions personalized for their needs? With Pro|Gen Probe hair analyzer machines, you can get to the root of the problem—literally! This summer, when your clients come to you for help, grab your hair analyzer, and keep an eye out for these issues:

Chlorine Damage

For clients with very light hair, the damage wrought by too much chlorine can be pretty apparent. That greenish tinge is usually an obvious give-away, caused by too much copper in pools in which the chemical balance is a bit off. The harsh chemicals used in pools often damage hair, lifting up the outer layers and getting in to damage the center of the hair. When combined with other hair-harmers like dyes and heated styling tools, chlorine-damaged hair will often break much more easily. Using a hair analyzer can help show your clients what all that pool time is doing to their hair and allow you to offer the best products or treatment to help fix that damage.

Sun Damage

Think of your hair in comparison to your skin. When it’s a bright day, we (hopefully) slather on sunscreen to protect our skin from burning. However, most people forget to do anything to protect their hair—which can be just as easily damaged by the sun’s rays. Clients may find that hair weakens easier and color fades more during the summer, and it’s likely because of the sun. If you have clients concerned that their dye job isn’t lasting or their hair keeps breaking, take a deeper look at both strands roots with our hair analysis options so you can help the situation accordingly.


Heat and Humidity

Your clients with curls or waves probably notice a big change in frizz levels when any amount of moisture increase happens. In addition, higher temperatures also have an adverse affect on hair cuticles and roots alike, so the summer combination of heat and humidity is a hair-harming double whammy. When clients come in concerned about frizz or an uptick in split ends, keep in mind that the presence of summer temps alone might be the root of the issue. Of course, as with so many hair and scalp issues, a closer look can help determine both the problem and the best solution.

At Pro|Gen, we want your salon, med spa, dermatological office, or other hair-helping service to have the best tools at your disposal to help your clients. Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more about our hair analyzer options and discuss which will work best for your business’ needs. Get started today!