Summer Skin Care Concerns Part 2

Summer Skin Care Concerns Part 2

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If you’ve been paying attention to the Pro|Gen Probe blog, you know we recently started discussing those summer skincare concerns your med spa, dermatology, salon, and other skin-centric clients may have during the scorching summer months. If you thought the list in our last post looked a bit short, or we didn’t speak to a concern you keep seeing, don’t worry—we have more summer sun issues to discuss! During summer, here are a few more skincare concerns your clients may be coming to you with:

Dry Skin

More often than not, people commonly associate dry skin with winter, not summer. However, the scorching heat of summer, combined with burns, tanning, and the drying effects of excessive air conditioning can dry out skin just as much. Also, popular summer fun activities like going swimming at the local pool can dry out the skin. If you have clients concerned about itchy, flaking, or cracking skin that just won’t calm down, a skin analyzer machine can help you determine the root cause to offer the best products or services to help them out.


In addition to itchiness and cracking, the humidity and increase of sweating—and products used to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays—can cause a pretty dramatic increase in acne breakouts. Everything from sweat to sunblock can clog the skin’s pores, trapping any dirt inside. Help your clients determine the root of their acne issues by taking a closer look with a skin analyzer. Then offer skincare help that will be best suited to them.

Swimmer’s Itch

Swimmer’s itch, also known as clam digger’s itch, is a rash that spreads over the skin and, as the name implies, itches unpleasantly. The rash is caused by parasites that inhabit rivers, lakes, and even ocean water. The little parasites burrow into the skin causing hives, and can even get bad enough to cause hives or blisters. If your client is unsure what the cause of the rash is, our skin analyzer options can help get a clearer idea of whether the issue is a parasite or blocked sweat glands.

Sun Allergy

You likely know, but your clients may not, that sun allergies aren’t just for vampires. Sun sensitivity can be a genetic gift, but it can also be caused by some medications. Just like heat rash (which we discussed in part one) and swimmer’s itch, a sun allergy can present as itchy red bumps, as well as scaly or blistered skin. Discerning between the various causes of red bumps during the summer can be tricky as all the causes can have the same source: outdoor, sunny, hot day activities.

Help your team and your clients tell the difference between rashes and delve deeper into the root cause of their skin concerns. With a Pro|Gen Probe skin analyzer, your business can offer state of the art technology to better help your clients. Contact our knowledgeable team to learn which device will be most beneficial based on your business and get started today!