Summer Skin Struggles Your Clients May Have

Summer Skin Struggles Your Clients May Have

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When summer rolls around, the sunshine and warm temperatures send most people outside as much as possible. And if you own a salon, medical spa, dermatology clinic, or another business along those lines, you may have noticed an uptick in the number of people coming in seeking skincare assistance. Sure, you’re prepared for the increase of people coming in with a lobster-red burn, but is your business ready to diagnose and provide solutions for the other skincare concerns your clients will be coming in with? At Pro|Gen Probe, we want to provide you with the best tools possible to help your clients, which is why we designed our skin analyzer options. Here are a few of the common summer skincare concerns your clients may be coming to you for:

Sunburns and Tanning

Most people, especially those with very fair skin, have accepted that sunburns will “just happen” during the summer. Perhaps they aren’t as strict with sunscreen applications or spend time in places without much shade. And of course, when the sun comes out, more skin inevitably ends up on display, all that much easier to burn. As any dermatologist can tell you, sunburns not only hurt, but they can be very damaging to skin—as can tanning, purposefully or otherwise. With the Pro|Gen Probe skin analyzer options, you can show your clients what those poor sunscreen habits are doing on a much deeper level.


Whether you run a dermatology clinic or a spa, odds are good you see an increase in people coming in complaining about the recent appearance of darker spots on their forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Melasma can even show up on shoulders, forearms, and the back of the neck. Essentially, any part of the body that sees a lot of sun can see the formation and growth of these spots, and your clients may not understand why. With a skin analyzer machine, you can show your clients what is going on with their skin and how to help them correct it based on their specific skin analysis.

Heat Rash

Also called prickly heat, heat rash happens when sweat glands get blocked and sweat cannot escape through the skin. Since it can’t get out, but the body is still trying to release it, sweat builds up under the skin and grows into an itchy, bumpy rash. If you have clients who come in complaining about a rash that keeps coming and going all summer, issues with blockages and too much sweat could be at fault. Help your clients learn the cause of their rash and give them tools to soothe their skin with testing and diagnosis based on the most effective information possible: an up close and personal view of their skin cells.

Don’t be stuck making your best guesses when clients come in complaining about skin issues. With a Pro|Gen Probe skin analyzer, you can get a deeper view of what’s going on, so you can better help diagnose and treat your clients’ concerns. Contact a Pro|Gen Probe representative today to learn more and get started!