Three Things Clients Need to Know About Their Hair

Three Things Clients Need to Know About Their Hair

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When you've been helping clients repair and restore their hair for long enough, it starts to feel like you can diagnosis hair and scalp problems at a glance. Your clients, however, cannot. For many of them, the problems they are facing might not seem that urgent because it's something that's gradually happened and they live with it every day. When they see the problem up close and personal, though, it's a whole other matter. That's why many salons and medical spas choose to use a hair analyzer to show their clients the problems with their hair and scalp on a live, magnified feed. This can make them face the reality of their hair and scalp situation and start to seek a solution with your help.

While there are a number of things that a good hair analyzer can show clients, here are three of the most important ones that you can focus on.

Hair Density

This is the number of hairs that grow within a specific area of the head; say, within a one-inch area. If clients have high hair density, they probably aren't too worried about thinning hair, but they made need advice on how to get good color saturation or better styling tools that work with their amount of hair. Clients with low density may need advice on creating looks that appear to have more volume or products that can help thicken their hair so it appears fuller. It's very easy to view the hair density on our hair analyzer because the 100x magnification will allow you to give the client a nice close-up view.

Scalp Health

When it comes to the health of their hair, a lot of people neglect to consider the impact of their scalp.  A healthy scalp leads to healthier hair, so giving the scalp a good treatment can result in more beautiful hair growth. Showing clients up close and personal the health of their scalp can make them aware of the potential issues they could be facing, such as dandruff, poor keratin production, issues with their pores, and more. Our hair analyzer brings these issues center stage and allows you to show clients the issues and offer treatments that can help.

Hair Thickness

Unlike density, this is the actual thickness of a strand of hair on their head. Thickness can actually be measured on the camera. It could be useful to show a client a strand of another person's hair to compare theirs with. If they have thin hair, they may be experiencing issues with breakage. You'll be able to recommend products and treatments that can help strengthen their hair. Thick hair is naturally stronger, so if they are experiencing breakage, you may want to look at other contributing factors. Ready to show your clients the truth about their hair and scalp? Place an order in our online store today for your hair analysis machine. We make it easy to diagnosis issues your clients may be experiencing, show them the proof, and give them evidence that their treatments are working. Get to the root of scalp analysis and order today!