Ultimate Skin Care with Skin Analyzer

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When it comes to our skin care, we want to make sure we are preserving and protecting our skin as much as possible. As humans, we tend to be curious individuals in all aspects, especially when it comes to our health. With the advancement of technology, skin care has upped the ante. Now, with skin analyzers, we are able to understand your skin’s make-up and what it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

At Pro|Gen Probe, we are your solution for the ultimate advancement in skin care. We are an exclusive distributor of the state-of-the-art skin analyzers. If you are a medical professional, you need this for your clinic. If you are someone who wants the ultimate skin care, you need to go to a clinic that has this technology at their fingertips.

Skin levels we can analyze with skin analyzers


Similar to most other cells within the body, cells and organs cannot function efficiently without water. Skin is no exception to this rule. Our skin contains water and if it's not getting the accurate amount of hydration, it will cause your skin to become dry, flaky, and even tight. With skin analyzers, we will be able to keep track of the water in the epidermis. With the skin analyzer, the medical professional will be able to determine the skin's health by looking at the three lines of the skin barrier defense, the enzymatic abilities of the epidermis, and the level of fluid intake.

Skin Lipid Levels

Getting a closer look and testing the sebum of the skin will show the amount that is being expelled to the skin's surface and the condition of the acid mantle. With a skin analyzer, we can take a detailed look at the acid mantle and conclude the quality of the surface fluid balance. This can help medical professional diagnose eczema, rosacea, fatty acid definition, and other skin disorders or conditions. The health of the acid mantle is crucial, and using the information from the skin analyzer directly helps medical professionals be more efficient and quicker at diagnosing skin conditions.


This is the dark brown or black pigment in the skin; this part of the skin is essential for the exposure of sunlight or artificial light, such as tanning. It is extremely important to measure this part of the skin due to so many risk factors and protocols medical professionals must follow for certain melanin amounts. With skin analyzers, the technology is so great that we can determine how quickly the skin will burn from light exposure.

With a skin analyzer, we can take a deeper look into the health of your skin and we can assess and determine :

  • Genetic History
  • Nutrition
  • Cosmetic and medical history
  • Skin type
  • Risk factors

If you are a medical professional, you need this for your skin clinic. It will help you understand your patient's skin much more than before. If you are someone who wants to know more about the skin, check out a skin analyzer. Skin analyzers are just another medical miracle and will be able to help so many people with things we may have not fully understood. If you want to learn more about how our skin analyzer works, or how to get yours, contact us today!