Why Am I Losing My Hair? Part 1

Why Am I Losing My Hair? Part 1

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Welcome back to our blog! In our last blog series, we went over common yet annoying hair conditions you may have to live with on a daily basis. With hair analyzers from Pro|Gen Probe, a professional will be able to examine and treat your hair, right at the source of the issue. Our hair analyzers are amazing because they can take video, produce magnified images, and help dermatologists, skin clinics, and stylists diagnosis and treat their clients better than ever before.

While in our last post we gave an overview of common hair mishaps, it's time to dive a little deeper into one common but an upsetting condition: Hair Loss. Hair loss is devastating to many women and men and, unfortunately, there are many reasons why you may be suffering from hair loss. In this post, we are going to go over different causes of hair loss and explain how our hair analyzer can help prevent and ultimately aid in the treatment of this ailment.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Physical Stress

When you have experienced an accident, surgery, or illness, this physical trauma can cause hair loss. When you suffer like this, the cycle of hair can become affected. The hair grows in a three-part cycle: Growth, rest, and shedding phase. The shock from the trauma can affect the hair cycle and cause it to jump to the shedding phase. Once your body begins to recover you should regain the hair that has been lost. Another physical stress that is not a trauma, but an exciting event, is pregnancy. This form of hair loss is common after the baby has been born. Giving birth causes extreme trauma to the body, so this type of hair loss is also temporary.

Vitamin A

While we want to believe all vitamins are good for us, too much of a good thing can actually be damaging. If you are taking a lot of supplements, be aware that they contain a high content of vitamin A and this can cause hair loss. When you ingest too much vitamin A, it stores in your body. This can lead to the substance becoming toxic for the body, which then causes the loss of hair. If you think this may be why you are suffering from hair loss, stop your vitamin A intake for a period of time and your hair should begin to grow normally again.


If you are vegetarian or vegan, it may be hard to get the protein your body needs. Much protein we rely on is located in different meat products, and because you don’t consume meat, it means you need to find protein in other places. One of the side effects of not gaining enough protein is hair loss because the body shuts it down. Prevent hair loss by eating foods that will give you the nutrients it needs.

Knowing the reasons for hair loss is important, so you can combat them properly. Coming to see a professional with one of our hair analyzers, will put your care above the rest. Our hair analyzers give professionals the ability to see more than meets the eye. Learn more about our hair analyzers and why this technology is better than the rest. Check back for our next blog with more reasons that may be contributing to your hair loss.