Winter is Coming: Help Your Business with a Hair Analyzer

Winter is Coming: Help Your Business with a Hair Analyzer

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As the fall winds blow in a change in the weather, most people start getting excited for the accouterments of fall: pumpkin-flavored everything, sweaters, boots, and spiced candles. For as fun as fall can be, it also brings with it some occasionally uncomfortable changes. The shift toward colder weather, the increase in rain, and even fall allergies can have a negative impact on hair and scalp conditions—and that’s before adding an array of cozy knit hats to the mix. Whether you operate a medical spa, a dermatology office, or a hair salon, you will likely see an influx of customers coming in complaining about scalp or hair struggles. Are you prepared to help?

Common Winter Hair Concerns

The biggest complaint about winter hair and scalp woes is how very dry everything feels. Itchy scalp and dry, straw-like strands mean so many men and women alike are dissatisfied with what’s happening on their heads. These are a few of the most common cold-weather hair and scalp struggles:


Between the lack of moisture in the air and the increase in winter clothing items made from natural fibers like cotton and wool, static cling can be obnoxious. Not only will your customers regularly feel those small zaps from the buildup of static, but they will likely also experience “flyaway” hair. If this is all that plagues your client, a quick hair analysis can let you know there isn’t more going on, and help you offer the best products to help.

Split Ends & Weak Strands

Of course, as the dry and cold sweep in, it becomes a great deal more difficult to keep hair healthy and properly moisturized. For any client that dyes their hair or uses heated hair tools, this problem is exacerbated. With a hair analyzer made to magnify hair cuticles, you can show your client the damage happening to their hair. Often, seeing the damage up close and personal can help cut down on the hot tool use during the winter; however, if your clients insist on continuing the routine, an Pro|Gen Probe hair analyzer can also help determine the right products to help heal or prevent more damage.

Dry, Itchy Scalp

Fall and winter both bring a plethora of scalp struggles. Between the late-season allergies that come up during fall, the cold rain many areas experience, and the dry winds that blow through fall and winter, itchiness and dandruff plague many for nearly half the year. At Pro|Gen Probe, we offer hair analyzers for the scalp as well as hair cuticles, so you can get an up-close view of what’s going on. This way, you can more easily determine the cause of your client’s scalp struggles and offer the best solution based on their needs. Help your clients’ winter hair and scalp woes. With scalp and cuticle hair analyzer tools from Pro|Gen Probe, you can more easily pinpoint the issue and offer your client personalized help. Learn more about our product options online or contact our team to start your order and prepare your office for the onslaught of winter hair woes to come!