Winter Skin Woes Are Coming. Is Your Business Ready?

Winter Skin Woes Are Coming. Is Your Business Ready?

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Summer may be notorious for sunburns and sweaty days, but winter is the season in which skin issues run rampant. Whether you run a medical spa or a dermatology office, it can be hard enough finding the right solution for each of your clients. When the winter winds blow in, sorting through the range of different skin concerns becomes even more difficult. Is that a simple case of dry skin, or is it eczema? Is that chapped skin, or a rash? Your clients are coming to you for help, and most expect that assistance to be tailored specifically to their skin. Before winter hits full-force, make sure your staff is prepared. With a Pro|Gen Probe skin analyzer, you can get an up-close view of each client’s skin and offer a more customized solution.

Winter Skin Worries

As winter blows its way in, there are a plethora of skin concerns that come along with it. First, the combination of cold and wind often works to leave people dehydrated. Combine that with the drying effect winter wind has on skin, and it’s a double-whammy of parched skin and chapped lips. Add in a snowstorm or two, and those skin concerns build up even further. Then, of course, there are the issues that come from bundling against the cold. Wool sweaters, knit hats, extra-hot showers, and less breathable fabrics can bring about everything from oily scalps and dandruff to rashes and eczema flare-ups. Generally speaking, the contrast of heat inside and frigid temperatures outdoors plus layers and layers of clothing can cause skin to struggle to balance itself.

Better Tools for Better Help

Because so many of the different winter skin worries can present with similar symptoms, it can be even more difficult to sort out what is giving your client grief—which means it’s harder to offer the right solution. Rather than playing a game of guesswork, give your clients a reason to put their trust in you and your team. With a skin analyzer machine from Pro|Gen Probe, you can get a magnified view of your client’s skin. Even better, our skin analyzers give you that magnified view instantly, no waiting hours for results to generate. This way, you can get a clear picture and even show your clients what’s happening at the cellular level. The biggest perk of all? Our skin analyzer machines connect via wi-fi. Add in a database of products, and you can use one of these skin analyzers to help you dig to the root of the problem then offer the best solution based on what you find. Not only will you likely gain more customers by word of mouth from pleased clients, you can market your products more easily by showing your customers how a product will help with their specific need. Want to learn more? Contact the Pro|Gen Probe team today to get more information on our various skin analyzer machine options and what they can do. Or, if you’re ready to really improve your business, order skin analyzers for your business today!