Winter Wind or Office A/C: Skin Analyzers Find Working Solutions

Winter Wind or Office A/C: Skin Analyzers Find Working Solutions

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Between the effects of weather, allergies or skin sensitivities, hormone fluctuations, and even home and work conditions, there are a multitude of things that can affect your client’s skin on a daily basis. For anyone who has struggled with a regular or ongoing skin concern—anything from dry skin to adult acne or a rash—constantly going from one aesthetician or dermatologist to the next can build up to a lot of frustration and annoyance when nothing actually helps their skin problem. The best way to ease those frustrated feelings, and earn repeat clients for your business, is to find a solution that actually works for your client’s individual skin struggles. When it comes to some common skin concerns, it can be hard to differentiate what is happening without an in-depth look, and therefore hard to treat properly.

Treating Similar Skin Concerns

When a client comes to you in January complaining of overly dry, itchy skin, it’s probably easy enough to look at the weather outside and assume the winter wind is playing a role. After all, winter is notorious for being the time of year that has most people reaching for intensive moisturizing creams as a way to stave off the drying effects of the cold air outdoors and the dry heat indoors. However, just because that client came to you during winter and complained of dry itchy skin, assuming the simplest answer may just frustrate your client and send them right back out the door. After all, that dry skin could be caused by the winter weather, but it could just as easily be the HVAC system at their place of work. Or, it could be something else entirely, just masked by the current weather conditions. In order to ensure you’re treating what each client’s skin needs, it’s important to get as in-depth an analysis as possible.

A Better Skin Analyzer

At Pro|Gen Probe our goal is to provide a skin analyzer machine that gives you more information and better accuracy so you can provide your clients with a swift skin assessment with personalized results. Our skin analyzers provide you with a real-time image of your client’s skin with up to 1000x magnification via wi-fi video streaming. See the moisture levels, pores, sebum, melanin, acne, wrinkles, and sensitivity of your client’s skin highly magnified so you can gauge better what is happening with their individual skin concerns. Because all images and results are sent virtually to your computer or tablet, our programmable software can be set up to work with your preferred line of skin care or salon products. With the Pro|Gen Probe skin analyzer options, you can help your clients with personalized skin care solutions for their particular concerns after taking a closer look at what’s going on with their skin. This way, you can offer solutions that actually work toward healing what their skin needs, not just those surface symptoms. Learn more about our scalp, hair, and skin analyzer machine options and how they can benefit your salon, spa, or office. Contact the Pro|Gen Probe team today to get started!