4 Common Hair Problems

4 Common Hair Problems

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It’s easy to forget how complex hair is. It’s easy to just treat it as nothing more than an accessory to your visual appearance, but in reality, hair is very much a part of the human body, and it has its own health needs. Just like everything else in your body, it can develop its own problems, grow weak or unhealthy when neglected, and flourish when it’s given the right care.

There are many common problems that people have with their hair. While you no doubt are aware of these problems as a professional in the cosmetics industry, your clients may not be able to diagnose them as accurately. Here are some common problems that can be identified and explained with a Progen Probe hair analysis machine:

  1. Sensitive Scalp: This isn’t necessarily a hair problem, but it’s so closely connected that it deserves consideration. One’s scalp can become itchy and irritated, and this can lead to hair problems. When people are feeling pain at their roots they may be compelled to scratch frequently and pull on their hair. Of course, doing so only exacerbates the problem and creates tension. The good news? Our machines aren’t just for hair analysis — they also have scalp analysis capabilities, allowing you to explain to your clients in detail what exactly is going on, and how it can be resolved.
  2. Dry Hair: Moisture is the lifeblood of hair, and when it’s lacking, you’ll start to notice. A lot of people realize that something is wrong with their hair, but they may not be aware that dryness is the problem. Even if they do, it can be hard to pin down why their hair is dry, or how to fix it. Hair analysis machines can examine hair on a microscopic level, allowing you to give clients a detailed rundown of the problem. Learning about the client’s lifestyle and combining that knowledge with hair analysis can often lead to productive and enlightening solutions.
  3. Weak Hair: Weak hair, as you probably know, can be caused by any number of factors. Sometimes it’s the inevitable consequence of too much chemical treatment, and it can also be result from the hair being continually fried by straighteners and other devices. And unfortunately, sometimes it’s just genetics. But weak hair can be examined on a closer level, allowing you valuable insights on treatment options. There are countless products that are specifically tailored to treat hair in various stages of weakness, and you can bet that clients will feel peace of mind knowing that your solutions are formulated from in-depth analysis.
  4. Oily Hair: The aforementioned problem of dry hair is one side of the spectrum — overly greasy or oily hair is on the other side. Hair is connected to certain glands which produce an oil called sebum, and this is what naturally provides moisture to our hair, keeping it smooth and lustrous. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and sometimes sebum is secreted in excess amounts, leading to gross, greasy hair. This, again, can be caused by a million and one different factors, depending on lifestyle and genetics. But much like the other problems on this list, a hair analysis machine can get a good reading on the nature of the problem, allowing you to make informed decisions about treatment options to your clients.

Scalp and Hair Analysis Devices For Hair Care Professionals

There’s a common theme with each of the points listed above — each and every common hair problem benefits from a comprehensive analysis of hair and scalp health. By looking at the hair and scalp on a microscopic level, you can determine just what exactly is going on. By knowing the levels of moisture, dryness, weakness, and so on, you can create custom treatment plans that are tailored to the exact needs of your clients. Hair analyzer machines can revolutionize your hair care studio or medical practice — click here to browse our devices, and be sure to contact us today if you have any questions.