Features of The APM Pro 300 Skin, Hair Scalp & Hair Cuticle Analysis Device

Features of The APM Pro 300 Skin, Hair Scalp & Hair Cuticle Analysis Device

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Beauty professionals across the world are competing with one another to find
new ways to stand out amongst the rest. We believe that to stand out, you
must be the very best and have the latest in technology and services
provided to clients.


For clients, learning about their skin and scalp can have major benefits, as
they may be curious to know what their skin and scalp could look like up
close so that they can see for themselves what issues they may have. Once
they understand what underlying factors are effecting their skin and scalp,
you, as a skin or hair professional, can recommend them the proper
treatments, services, or products necessary. There are plenty of other
reasons that every beauty professional should have a skin and scalp
analyzer, but these are just a few. If you are looking to invest in your
business and try a device out for yourself, one of the best skin and scalp
analyzer machines on the market today happens to be our very own APM Pro
300. This analyzer is revolutionary, which is why we will discuss in further detail, and pinpoint its features in this blog so that you can get insight on
what sets it apart from the others.

The APM Pro 300

Apm Pro 300

The APM Pro 300 is a skin, hair scalp, and hair cuticle analysis device that
offers professionals the most advanced analysis technology available on the
market today and will help take their business to the next level.
The APM Pro 300 has four interchangeable lenses, with magnification
reaching up to 1000x, HD quality images, as well as software that is ultra-
responsive and user-friendly. The device is wireless and has a built-in CRM
that allows you to share results and data with your clients via email as well
as keep track of their progress. The device also allows you to input your own
product or service recommendations and will display a comparison chart that
will enable you to keep track of your client’s progress.



It is designed and equipped with 5 megapixels, x30-1000 magnification,
including four lenses APM-100, APM-202, APM-203, APM-204. Its key features
include multi-OS support, before and after comparison charts, file transfer,
CRM integrated device, 3.97" full touch screen, four interchangeable lenses,
display mirroring via wi-fi, and 3D images.


The device’s scan capabilities authorize the user to examine the client’s skin
moisture, sebum, pore, melanin, acne, wrinkle, sensitivity, hair loss status,
scalp status, hair density, keratin of scalp, exposure of scalp’s vessel, hair
thickness, hair pore status, and cuticle status. Meanwhile, it gives clients
access to view their results through the Aram Viewer application that will
enable them to check their skin, hair scalp, and hair cuticle status and
recommend products for them to try.

Who it's made for

The APM Pro 300 is essential for those who work as hair stylist, aestheticians,
spa owners, barbers, dermatologists, and anyone who works in the beauty
industry. This device is also extremely simple to navigate, and will make it
easier for you to see things that are not otherwise visible to the human eye.

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Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez