Fun Facts About Hair You Need to Know

Fun Facts About Hair You Need to Know

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In our last blog post, we talked about some fun facts about skin. The more we understand about our skin, the more we can do to keep it healthy. Knowledge is power, and that’s why we provide skin and hair analysis devices to beauty professionals and medical experts all over the country. 

While hair isn’t quite as complex as skin is, it still has a host of unique properties, and it can also be healthy or unhealthy depending on how you treat it. As a continuation of our last post, let’s look at some fun facts about hair:

Certain Hair Colors Are Rarer Than Others: Blonde hair might seem super common in America, but did you know only 2% of the population has it naturally? Red hair is twice as rare, at a scant 1%. Black hair, on the other hand, is by far the most common. That doesn’t mean it’s any less lustrous than the others, though!

75% of Women Color Their Hair: A little less than a hundred years ago, it was almost unheard of to change your hair color. But now, it’s quite in vogue! It’s estimated that 75% of women color their hair. We can’t blame ‘em — it’s always fun to have a new look. Unfortunately, this can be a taxing process for the hair, and when there’s damage, remember that a hair analysis appointment can help!

Hair Is Stronger Than Copper: This doesn’t sound like it could possibly be true, but it is — at least, on a relative scale. If you were to compare a strand of hair and a strand of copper the exact same size, the hair would be stronger. Hair, of course, doesn’t grow much thicker than that, so we’ll never see how strong it really could be, but it’s still a fun little fact.

Hair Can Be a Red Flag For Medical Issues: Hair is highly affected by our day-to-day lifestyle, and its healthiness is often directly correlated with one’s personal health. It’s far more likely for your hair to be beautiful, lustrous, and strong when you’re eating well, sleeping consistently, and generally healthy. Meanwhile, a variety of medical conditions can weaken the hair, cause dryness, or cause it to fall out entirely. Hair is one of the first things doctors look at for certain diagnoses, which is one reason why any medical practice can benefit from Progen|Probe hair analysis machines.

Quality Hair Analysis Machines

Hair, for countless people, is an essential part of their identity and self-image, and it’s also closely tied with personal health. That’s why it’s important to be able to identify problems that happen on the scalp. It can be devastating to lose or damage your hair, and our machines can help experts to find the best solutions by examining the scalp and hair follicles at a level beyond that of the naked eye. Are you looking for ways to provide custom-tailored solutions to your clients or patients? Our products can help. Browse our online selection to see our various hair cameras, and be sure to contact Progen|Probe today if you have any questions!