How Do Ions and Red LED Lights Affect Our Scalp

How Do Ions and Red LED Lights Affect Our Scalp

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Let’s take it back to our high school science class, and let’s talk about ions and LED lights. Ions are everywhere, including our homes and environment, and can have significant effects on how we look and feel. Ions are atoms or molecules that depend on whether their electric charge loses or gains electrons to become negative or positive ions. A positive ion is created by losing electrons, while a negative ion is made by gaining electrons. LED lights, on the other hand, stand for light-emitting diode that emits light from a current. LED lights have been used for treating skin issues and other conditions for many years, and there have been several case studies that have proven positive results. To help you learn more about the importance of such properties, we will go into more detail about what positive ions, negative ions, and LED lights are and how they affect our scalp and hair.


Positive Ions and the effect it has on the hair


Positive ions, as mentioned earlier, are created through the loss of one or more electrons. Electrons are negative, which is why losing or getting rid of an electron would make this electric charge positive. The effects that positive ions have on the hair include causing the hair cuticle to unfold or open up due to dryness, brittleness, or heat damage. Since, over the course of the hair cycle, hair follicles tend to become positively charged due to damage caused by the environment, hair products, and styling tools, the drier your hair is, the more positively charged it will be.


Negative Ions and the effect it has on the scalp and hair


Negative ions are created through the addition of electrons. Negative and positive ions cancel each other out, which is why whenever you straighten or blow-dry your hair with an ionic styling tool that has negative ions, it causes the hair, which has positive ions, to smooth out, close opened cuticles, and retain the hair’s natural oils and moisture. Negative ions help restore the ionic balance of the hair to tame frizz and smooth strands. That is why to promote healthy hair growth and hair health, Pro|Gen Probe has created their Hair Thickening Brush-Ion, which uses micro-vibrations to encourage scalp circulation and better manageability of the hair.


Hair Thickening Brush- Ion

The Hair Thickening Brush-Ion uses negative ions to help revitalize and promote blood circulation to restore vitality in the hair follicle. The brush also uses micro-vibrations and allows the product to penetrate deeper into the scalp for better absorption to the hair follicle.


Hair Thickening Brush-  LED

LED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes, specifically red LED lights, have been used to treat many conditions such as wrinkles, scars, and wounds. The way red LED lights work is by targeting the cell’s mitochondria. By increasing red light therapy, the cell can make more ATP, which is what carries energy inside the cell. That is why when cells have more energy, they can revitalize themselves and repair damage. Red light therapy has also been used to promote wound healing, hair growth, diminish scars, reduce psoriasis, and even help mend sun damage. However, red LED lights or Infrared Light therapy, in this case, is used to promote a healthy scalp by repairing damaged hair and skin cells. It also works to eliminate bacteria and promote the circulation of blood in the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Our Hair Thickening Brush uses LED light and vibrations to help revitalize and improve blood circulation to restore vitality in the hair follicle. Through micro-vibrations, this brush allows the product to penetrate deeper into the scalp for better absorption to the hair follicle.


All in all, ions and LED lights have tremendous benefits to the scalp and hair and are beneficial for repairing hair damage and promoting healthier hair as well as growth. If you are interested in learning more about Pro|Gen Probe’s Hair Thickening brushes or in trying one out for yourself, email: or call: 1-855-767-5454/ 1-561-253-3004.  


Written by: Arisleidi Hernandez