The Right Way to Store Beauty Care Products and Beauty Tools

The Right Way to Store Beauty Care Products and Beauty Tools

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Most of us have way too many beauty products and tools laying around to count. However, just having them laying around even though it is convenient, may not be the smartest or most sanitary thing to do. Just like it is important to keep ice cream in a freezer and not in the fridge, and to check expiration dates on stored food, the same logic applies to our beauty products and tools. Not many are aware of the importance of making sure that your beauty necessities are stored the right way or in the correct areas, which is why we will be informing you about the right way to store beauty care products and beauty tools.

How to Store: Beauty Products 

Beauty products can be divided into a range of cosmetics and skincare, so we will be discussing both. Cosmetics include any makeup, such as foundation, eyeshadow, powders, lipsticks and creams that are applied to the face or other parts of the body. Typically foundations, especially the ones that come in the form of liquids or creams, need to be stored in a cool and dry area like a fridge, however it is also recommended to place them in a makeup bag or drawer so that they can hold up and not break up as easily or expire as quickly. Eyeshadows and powders should be stored in a dry place such as a drawer, and should be kept away from extreme heat and moisture as these conditions could lead to bacterial growth and mold that could completely damage the product. Lastly, lipsticks and lip products should be stored in a cool, dry place, as too much heat exposure can cause them to break down and decompose over time, according to Harper's Bazaar. 

How to Store: Skincare Products

Skincare products can be categorized between serums, and creams, which is important as their consistency depends on how and where to store them. For example, most serums need to be stored away in cold and dark areas such as a mini skincare fridge, as most oil based serums tend to oxidize or become ineffective when exposed to light or air for long periods of time. Facial creams are also advised to be kept in a mini skincare fridge or in a cool area, to avoid any contamination or spoilage of product. Another note to add is that one should always make sure that all products are sealed tight and that no remaining product seeps through for good measure.

How to Store: Beauty Tools

Beauty tools such as skin care devices or hair care devices should always be cleaned and sterilized before storing away, as these tools tend to accumulate the most bacteria if not cleaned over time. The proper way to store beauty tools is to keep them separate from one another and in cool dry areas. For makeup or skin care tools, these should be thoroughly cleaned as improper disinfection could lead to breakouts, irritation or fungal infection. Furthermore, hair care tools such as heat tools or analysis devices should also be cleaned as product accumulation could spread unwanted germs and organisms that could cause a variety of issues. Making sure that everything is clean and stored away in a cool dry area away from any liquid or moisture will help keep these tools clean and could even help extend their durability.

We hope you learned a thing or two about the importance of cleanliness and storage of beauty products and tools, especially if you are a professional. To learn more about beauty tools and all things skin and hair, visit our blog page where we post tips and tricks for professionals and even how to increase business. For more information about Progen Probe analysis devices visit: or email: