What is a Skin Analyzer and How Can it Help My Business?

What is a Skin Analyzer and How Can it Help My Business?

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“Skin analysis machine” isn’t exactly a term that’s in most people’s everyday vernacular. For the average joes and janes of the world, skincare usually doesn’t go beyond basic routine care. However, skin problems are far from uncommon, and for someone who struggles with their epidermal health, it becomes expedient to seek out more comprehensive solutions, and that’s where skin analyzer machines come into play, such as the models we provide at Pro|Gen Probe.

The problem is, a whole lot of people have no idea what skin analyzer machines are. In fact, many people don’t even know they exist. So how do you, as a beauty professional or medical expert, sell skin analysis services to your clients? The key is knowing how to explain what exactly these devices can do for them, in a way that’s comprehensible.

There are many epidermal problems that a skin analyzer machine can shed important light on. Let’s look at some of the most common skin problems, and how a skin analysis device can provide valuable insights about them.

Skin Irregularities

First and foremost, skin analysis machines can help examine the nature of skin irregularities. When something abnormal appears on your skin, it should be a cause for concern. Many irregularities are harmless, but if it’s something more serious, it’s better to identify it sooner rather than later.

Irregularities can include sun damage, moles, freckles, irritation, rashes, and more. These can range from minor, short-term irritations to serious problems such as cancer. By using a Pro|Gen Probe skin analyzer machine, you’ll be able to examine these irregularities in much more detail, allowing for far better insights which can inform treatment recommendations.


As you well know, pores are tiny openings all over the skin which can be both a blessing and a curse. Pores help our skin to breathe and they facilitate important bodily functions such as secreting sweat and oil. But they can also become easily clogged, which can cause annoying issues such as acne.

Pores are understandably difficult to examine in detail with the naked eye, and this is one of the areas where you benefit the most from a skin analysis machine. Our machines can examine pores at an extremely close level, providing a far better understanding of which pores are blocked, the inherent causes, and the options for treatment.

Vascular Regions

Skin is basically a giant carrying case for all the complex systems inside the human body, and one of those is the vascular system, which is our massive network of blood veins and arteries. Well, it’s not uncommon for disruptions to happen on a vascular level, and it’s actually possible to see them sometimes, since skin is partially translucent. 

Inflammation and damaged capillaries are vascular issues which can potentially affect skin health. It’s also possible to monitor the aftermath of acne breakouts using analysis technology. These vascular areas may be indicators of more serious problems, or they could be relatively harmless like many other abnormalities. In any case, it helps being able to get a closer, near-microscopic look at them to understand their nature.

Oil and Bacteria

Everyone’s skin naturally produces certain oils and bacteria, which are usually productive for epidermal health. But, this process isn’t always perfect and it can actually lead to skin problems. Natural bacterias such as Porphyrins can clog the pores, causing breakouts.

It’s possible for the skin to produce too much oil, or too little. This is impacted by various factors such as diet, medication, sleep, and so on. By being able to examine oil levels in extreme detail, it’s easier to understand why the problem is happening.

Moisture Analysis

How many problems arise from skin being too dry? The answer is, well, a lot. Many folks struggle to keep their skin healthy when they move to drier climates, and people all over the world continuously apply moisturizing lotion to prevent skin dehydration. On the flip side, too much moisture can also be problematic. 

It’s not easy for the naked eye to see how dry or moist our skin is, and our sense of touch isn’t quite attuned enough to get an accurate reading either. So, what’s the solution? The answer, of course, is skin analysis! Devices such as the APM 100 and ASNII 100 can read skin moisture levels far better than our human senses ever could.

UV Spots

The sun is none-too-friendly towards human skin, and this is apparent in the burns we easily get when we spend even just an hour under its rays without any protection. While most burns are insignificant in the long run, it’s important to be cognizant of the effects that excess UV exposure can have on our skin.

Analysis machines can identify the extent of sun damage, and help skin professionals and medical experts to know whether or not more advanced treatment is needed. This is important, because sun damage can lead to serious conditions such as cancer. Yes, most sunburns are inconsequential, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of how deeply the sun has damaged your skin.


Skin texture is another thing that’s nigh-undetectable to the human eye and touch, but skin analyzer machines can identify discrepancies which cause your skin to be uneven — even if you can’t notice it yourself.

Our devices can provide an advanced color readout of your skin’s topography, helping to show which areas aren’t as they ideally should be. These texture irregularities can be symptomatic of other problems. Knowledge is power, and by being able to see uneven skin texture, it can help your overall diagnosis.


Unlike many other skin problems on this list, wrinkles actually are something that you can see without the help of skin analyzer devices. However, by using analysis tech, you can examine them in much greater detail, and that helps to determine which treatment options are best.

There is a huge variety of anti-wrinkle products on the market, and while most of them are similar, there are minor differences in each one which target different problem areas. Skin analysis helps you get the information you need to recommend the perfect product.

Skin Analyzer Machines From Pro|Gen Probe

No matter what skincare problems your clients are struggling with, a skin analysis appointment can provide them valuable peace-of-mind and individualized treatment recommendations. If you haven’t yet implemented skin analyzer machines into your practice, now is the time. We have various models, each of which with unique functions and capabilities. Check out our selection of analysis devices, and be sure to contact us today if you have any questions about our products.