About this model

The APM Pro 200 is equipped with the most advanced hair scalp and hair cuticle analysis technology available on the market today. Complete with a new, sleek design and faster, more user-friendly software, our latest mobile scope will help take your business to the next level.

With three interchangeable lenses, up to 1000x magnification, and HD quality images, you’ll be able to show your clients their hair and scalp issues up close and recommend them the proper products for treatment. For those working in fast-paced environments, you’ll find that the software is ultra-responsive and extremely user-friendly. Now complete with “auto-analysis”, consultations are quicker and more accurate than ever before. This wireless device will allow you to input your own product or service recommendations and will display a comparison chart to help you follow the progress of hair scalp and hair cuticle health. Share results and data with your clients via email and track their progress with the device’s built-in CRM. The APM Pro 200 was built with the professional in mind. Reward yourself with this top of the line hair scalp and hair cuticle analysis device.


High Magnification Lens





Includes 3 lenses

APM-202, APM-203, APM-204

Key Features

  • Multi OS Support

    Multi OS Support

  • Before and After Comparison

    Before and After Comparison

  • File Transfer

    File Transfer

  • CRM Integrated in Device

    CRM Integrated in Device

  • 3.97” Full Touch Screen

    3.97” Full Touch Screen

  • 3 Interchangeable Lenses

    3 Interchangeable Lenses

  • Client Profile Picture in Device

    Client Profile Picture in Device

  • Display Mirroring via Wi-Fi

    Display Mirroring via Wi-Fi


Download the compatible software for your device.

APM Pro 200

Aram Viewer Software

Aram Viewer is the best skin & hair analysis application. It will let customers check their skin, hair scalp and hair cuticle status and recommend the right products for them. You will experience the most clear image quality with our top of the quality magnification lenses and the most accurate analysis in the market. It must be used with PROGEN PROBE devices only.


Scan Capabilities

Hair Loss Status / Scalp Status / Hair Density / Keratin of Scalp / Exposure of Scalp's Vessel / Hair Thickness / Hair Pore Status / Cuticle Status