About this model

A customized in-salon treatment regimen is created depending on the client’s scalp concern. Based on expert analysis of the scalp, specialist proposes personalized Active Care Soothing or Simulating scalp therapy used with three tools integrated with the Scalp Scan Stimulating Device. The scrub exfoliates and thoroughly cleans the scalp using micro vibrations.

The second tool is an electrostimulation comb that conditions the hair using low-intensity current, providing better penetration of our products. The comb is also equipped with LED lights that stimulate the scalp using pulses of light in different frequencies.



Professional treatment exfoliates and stimulates the scalp via Electro stimulation effects. The microcirculation improves the hair anchorage. This service is suitable for men and women.

In-Salon Treatment

The professional regimen includes the use of the ScalpScan Stimulating Device the Active Care Soothing or Stimulating essential scalp care treatment products for optimal results.

Key Features

  • Before and After comparison

    Before and After comparison

  • Emails Results

    Emails Results

Scan Capabilities

Hair Density / Hair Thickness / Scalp Sensitivity / Sebum Levels / Dandruff Levels